Credit Scores

Credit Scores

Be one step ahead right from the beginning, retain your customers and keep them on track

Risk and yield scoring

Be one step ahead right from the beginning, retain your customers and keep them on track

You set the course for a profitable portfolio at the beginning of the customer relationship: an optimum decision requires a reliable prediction of the expected customer behaviour (e.g. payment of the purchase or repayment of a loan) when receiving the application. Potentially profitable customers should be acquired while customers with a high risk should be avoided from the very beginning

Value-oriented customer management

Value-based customer management allows you to tap the full potential of customer relationships using powerful predictions of profitability and risk. Only the analysis of the behaviour data of existing customers allows you to keep customer value permanently at the highest possible level, because management of existing customers provides optimized portfolio management at all further points along the customer life cycle.

A yield-optimised management of payment methods enables you to offer the adequate payment method and limit to every single customer that fits their individual risk and potential. Thus, all potential revenue can be reached with controlled risk.

Using scoring, you will be able to manage strategic decisions within the sphere of influence of risk assessment, portfolio profitability and improvement of the customer relationships.

Your benefits

Optimized customer-value management

Learning from the past.
Includes external information.
Quantitative management of your customer portfolio.
Permanent increase in customer value.
Optimization of even complex customer relationships

Flexibility and transparency

Objective criteria for selecting characteristics.
Easy-to-apply automation.
Clearly comprehensible algorithm.
Automated regular limit checks.
Prompt use of current transaction and behaviour data.

Adaption to your business processes

Statistic development based on your data.
Considering your portfolio objectives.
Optimized customer service using risk-adjusted communication.
Responsible limit management.
Instrument accepted for Basel II/III

Increasing your profits

Analyses of the correlation between customer retention and company profitability in the insurance sector prove that a 5 % variation in the customer retention rate influences company profits by 25 % to 100 %.

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